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Coffee Cruise ZAMBIA

A coffee that will change your afternoons. This is true African coffee – dark, black, keeping true to the old flavors, tempting with the bitterness of dark chocolate that gradually passes into sweet hints of blackcurrants. Pleasant fruity hints of grapefruit give it a little bit of sourness, making your day and urging you to try some more. Coffee came to Zambia with Christian missionaries arriving from Tanzania and Kenya. Gradually, Zambian coffee trees started producing berries that were less sour than the aforementioned countries and were loved by fans of lighter, softer coffees. It is pure 100% Arabica of the highest quality and the medium roast chosen for it will let you feel its fruit-flavored aroma.

We recommend Zambia to those who enjoy softer, less sour flavors. This coffee is perfect after having a delicious lunch or while eating dessert.

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