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Coffee Cruise PERU 250g

If you’re looking for exclusively natural-grown coffee, then you simply must try Peru. It is a coffee picked only by hand, refusing any automation, carefully appraising and overseeing the entire duration of collecting and processing. Wild Peruvian nature, where dry badland heat and rainforest climate intertwines, allows coffee to mature slowly and gently, all the while enjoying the hot sun and morning dew.

Naturally picked and prepared for export, Peru coffee brings joy with its flavor. With the soft bitterness of almonds accompanied by the sweetness of caramel and a barely noticeable aftertaste of nuts, it is surprisingly light and subtle. The fruitiness of berries is barely noticeable and the pleasant hint of sourness encourages you for another sip, to enjoy it slowly and take your time. It is a coffee of medium roast and balanced aroma, in which you can smell herbs and flowers, inseparable from the Peruvian fields and meadows.

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